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Easter Egg Hunt

Join us for The Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday morning at 8:00am at The Easter Show!

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Showmanship Exhibition

Want to practice in a competition setting and receive feedback from a judge? With fair season right around the corner, this is a perfect opportunity to review and perform the showmanship routine and presentation. Each state has a different showmanship style. We will have three showmanship judges; one from Michigan, one from Ohio, and one from Indiana. The Showmanship Exhibition will be set up like a regular showmanship contest. However, there will not be a winner. The goal and purpose of the Exhibition is to receive feedback from a judge, in a contest-style setting, in order to improve showmanship skills.

All of the Showmanship Exhibition entry fees will be donated to the respective ARBA District 8 Teams competing in the ARBA Youth Contests at the 2019 ARBA Convention in Reno, Nevada.

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