The Easter Show

Excellence in Youth Contests


Excellence in Youth Contests

To kick-off The Easter Show weekend, join us on Friday Evening from 6:00pm until 8:30pm for the Excellence in Youth Contests educational seminar hosted by MI OH State Line RBA and The Rabbit Show. The speakers will be sharing their strategies to achieve excellence in the ARBA Youth Contests. Each of the speakers are past national winners in Royalty, Breed Identification, Judging, Art, Achievement and Management. The speakers are Hannah Newell, Maddison Campbell, Lindsey Vaught, Cami Lowery and Josh Humphries.


Meet the Speakers


“Studying for The Test”
Hannah Newell
ARBA Queen 2009

Maddison Campbell.jpg

“Judging to the Standard”
Maddison Campbell
1st Place Intermediate Judging &
Runner-Up Duchess ARBA Convention 2018


“Breed ID Top 10 Tips”
Cami Lowery
ARBA Princess & ARBA Lady
National Achievement Winner
1st Breed ID ARBA Convention
Overall Showmanship Ohio State Fair
Overall Skillathon Winner Ohio State Fair


“Transitioning from Youth to Adult”
Josh Humphries
ARBA President

Lindsay Vaught 2.png

“Doing What You LOVE! Finding Purpose and Your Place in the Hobby!”
Lindsey Vaught
ARBA Photography Committee
ARBA President’s Award
National Art Winner