The Easter Show

Commercial Rabbit Jackpot Show & Sale


National Commercial Rabbit Breeding Stock Sale
& Commercial Jackpot Show

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Meat Pen, Single Fryer & Roaster Jackpot Show

Payback for the Top 3 placings in Meat Pens, Single Fryers and Roasters.

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National Commercial Rabbit Breeding Stock Sale

Do you want to invest in the same genetics as the producers of winning Meat Pens from across the country? The premier sale will feature rabbits from elite breeders who have won at various levels, including: National New Zealand Best of Breed, National Californian Best of Breed, Grand Champion at the Ohio State Fair, Grand Champion at the Indiana State Fair, and Grand Champion at numerous county fairs. All of the rabbits in the sale are breeding age and ready to be put to into production in your breeding program. Available rabbits in the sale will be: bucks, does, bred does, pairs, and trios.